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OpenSSL compilation problem


Author Topic: Code cannot be compiled  (Read 38 times)

« on: September 06, 2009, 12:47:56 PM »

The source code that is posted at "http://qtweb.googlecode.com/files/QtWeb-3.0.1.rar" cannot be compiled

The first error returned:

c1xx : fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file: '.\tmp\rcc\release_static\qrc_qprintdialog.cpp': No such file or directory

It is missing that file.

Other errors:

c:\qt\4.5.0\qtweb\tmp\moc\debug_static\../../../certificateinfo.h(40) : error C2065: 'QSslCertificate' : undeclared identifier
c:\qt\4.5.0\qtweb\tmp\moc\debug_static\../../../certificateinfo.h(45) : error C2065: 'QSslError' : undeclared identifier
c:\qt\4.5.0\qtweb\tmp\moc\debug_static\../../../certificateinfo.h(49) : error C2065: 'QSslCertificate' : undeclared identifier
.\tmp\moc\debug_static\moc_certificateinfo.cpp(72) : error C2065: 'QSslError' : undeclared identifier

I'm taking it that it cannot find the appropriate header file, but after including C:\Qt\4.5.0\src\network\ssl\qsslcertificate.h and qsslerror.h, it still returns the above errors. There are a few more errors involving invalid connecting, can this be possible due to the lack of the inclusion of the .sln file or environment variables not matching? Is it possible for the upload of another complete solution with source code? Thank you.
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To compile code you need Qt Framework 4.5.0++ being installed, as well as configured to support OpenSSL.


   configure.exe ?

.. in Qt command prompt and see options available. By default OpenSSL is off.

OpenSSL libs and headers must be placed somewhere nearby (OpenSSL needs to be installed and compiled).



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