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Problem with iGoogle

Delta-9: First, let me just say - "Impressive, most impressive!" Cheesy  I haven't been this stoked about a browser since Sept 2002 when I first tried Phoenix (aka Firebird, aka Firefox)!  Outstanding piece of work!

However, I have experienced a minor glitch with iGoogle.  I can only log in if I uncheck "Remember me on this computer."  If checked, iGoogle wipes the password field and asks for it in an endless loop.  I have to Reset QtWeb to get another chance to uncheck it.  Sounds like a cookie issue, but unchecked, the appropriate cookies are present and accounted for.  Unchecked, everything works as expected, but, of course, the log-in only persists for that QtWeb session.  I get the same results installed and portable.  Not a show-stopper, just an inconvenience, so shouldn't be a priority.


A:  Thank you for the feedback!

The problem has been finally re-produced and will be fixed soon.

The problem is related to cookies, which are implemented in Nokia's Qt 4.5.0 accordingly to the RFC standard, but many webservers use non-standard cookie headers (amazon, google, reddit,...) and this requires additional custom implementation.

Most likely the problem is the same as reported here:


Delta-9: Hey, just my opinion and opinions are like ...

Re: the glitch - Great.  The length of the list makes me think you're gonna be busy for quite a while though!  Sorry to add to it.  BTW, beautiful website too!



A: April 21st 2009, Cookie bug found and fixed, please update the software from the website.


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