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novice question I know, but, does the portable qt browser place any files, i.e., temp Internet files cookies on the hard drive of the computer in which the usb (running the browser) in attached?  or is it just innocuous reg files that keep no site information?


Here is a full QtWeb Portable Browser's help :

Your answer is:

If you are porting the software with you (just copied QtWeb.exe to USB or other media and run it from there, even on different machines) - neither Registry nor User's profile have not been used at all. Software should create subfolders QtWebCache and QtWebSettings at the same directory where QtWeb.exe is located, and QtWeb stores all caches and settings there. These settings and caches do not depend on the local user being logged in, and will be used by all local users.  Reset and Full Reset functions will clean up all the settings and caches.

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