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An unmatched feature of QtWeb



An unmatched feature I found in QtWeb is its abilty to close all connections immedietely after loading a web page. It is wonderful!. I am a firefox user. I am allotted a maximum of 12 connections only through a proxy server in our LAN. Most of the times, firefox retains all these 12 connections even after loaded the web page completely. So, sometimes it is not possible to open another page in firefox for more than five minutes time. These connections remains connected even after colsing all tabs and pages.
I have checked with many browsers such as IE,Opera,k-meleon,TheWorld,LatazaBrowser,Square-1,Runecats Explorer,Maxthon etc. but the results were almost same.
Thanks QtWeb, now I can watch through my net-monitor that all connections are vanishing one by one while loading the page completely.
I wish the QtWeb to become a popular web browser with all advanced features.
Thanks QtWeb Team!

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