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Typing webpage addresses (URLs)

When you use QtWeb to go to a webpage, QtWeb looks for the page's web address (also known as its URL). Most web addresses are in the form "http://www.example.com".

It's often faster to type the address than to search for the page or try to find a bookmark.

If you know a webpage's address:

  1. Highlight any text that's currently in the address field.
  2. Type the address and press Enter.

    If you've previously visited the page, QtWeb completes the address as you type. If there's more than one matching address, QtWeb shows you a list to choose from.

    If QtWeb can't find a matching page for what you've typed, it makes its best guess and takes you there.

To avoid needless typing, type the key part of the address and QtWeb will fill in the rest. For instance, to visit "http://www.NTFS.com", type "ntfs.com".

You can use Control+Enter key combination to wrap domain name with "www." and ".com", for example to visit "http://www.NTFS.com", type "ntfs" and press Ctrl+Enter.


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