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Setting fonts for webpages

You can specify default fonts used by webpages, and you can change the font size while browsing.

To set options for webpage fonts:

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences or press Ctrl+, (comma).
  2. Click Appearance tab, and then set font options.

To change the font size while webpage browsing:

  1. Choose View > Make Text Bigger, or press Ctrl++ to increase the font size.
  2. Choose View > Make Text Smaller, or press Ctrl+- to decrease the font size.

To change the font size with a mouse having trackball:

  1. Click the mouse trackball.
  2. Rotate a trackboll forward to increase a font, backword to decrease a font.
  3. Click any other mouse button to keep the changed font size.

To disable mouse trackball font resizing functionality - go to Edit > Preferences, and change "Mouseweel default action" option.

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