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If text on webpages is too small or too large

If have difficulty seeing, you can make text on webpages bigger or smaller, and easier to read.

To enlarge or decrease webpage default font size:

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences.
  2. Click Appearance tab.
  3. Select default fonts and font sizes you are comfortable with.

To enlarge or decrease webpage text temporarily for the particular page being browsed:

  1. Choose View > Make Text Bigger, or press Ctrl++ to increase the font size.
  2. Choose View > Make Text Smaller, or press Ctrl+- to decrease the font size.

To change the font size with a mouse having trackball:

  1. Click the mouse trackball.
  2. Rotate a trackboll forward to increase a font, backword to decrease a font.
  3. Click any other mouse button to keep the changed font size.

Some webpages may not look correct if you select this option. This setting does not affect the size of text in images.