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If you can not log into Hotmail, or some functionality disabled

QtWeb uses it's own WebKit-based UserAgent string. Not  all web servers like browsers other than the most widely used (IE, Firefox, Opera...). When you try to log into Hotmail using default QtWeb Internet Browser's settings, most likely you'll have a warning: "Upgrade your browser to IE, Firefox or Safari ", however if you click "continue to Windows Live Hotmail" link below the warning, you will still be able to access your mail, however some functionality can be disabled, or working not properly.

QtWeb is based on the same Apple's WebKit that Safari and Google Chrome use, and is fully compatible with these browsers.

To disable this warning and enable full Hotmail's functionality:



After you set Compatibility mode to Safari, navigate your Hotmail, or other web services. Web servers will treat QtWeb as a Safari browser.


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