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AdBlock - hiding advertisements

QtWeb lightweight browser supports AdBlock - a content-filtering extension  Mozilla-based web browsers. AdBlock allows users to prevent page elements, such as advertisements, from being downloaded and displayed. Basic filter rules can include wildcards represented by asterisks (*). 

For example, to block ads on any website in any directory called "banners", or any case insensitive equivalent, add to the block list:


To enable AdBlock and use most common block lists

Note that a long block list a bit slows down browser's execution, and consumes more memory and CPU time, as long as each web element needs to be verified against the whole block list while loading.


To block the advertisement on a web page

URL or pattern will be added to the block list and AdBlock technology will be automatically activated. Refresh a web page (F5) to make sure that the web element you want to block is not shown anymore.


 To specify AdBlock exceptions

AdBlock exceptions have a priority over AdBlock list. If web element matches the pattern in the exceptions list, it won't be blocked even if it matches the pattern in the block list also. To enable AdBlock exceptions:

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