Internet Browser


QtWeb version is 1.5

QtWeb installation package:  QtWeb-setup.exe 

What's new in version 1.5 (released Jan 16, 2009):

- Size of portable executable decreased from 12 MB to 4 MB (applied UPX compresstion)
- Added support for Japanese, Korean, Chinese languages (text encodings)
- Added option of disabling Netscape Plug-Ins (Adobe Flash, QuickTime ...)
- Portable executable now does not store settings in Registry and User Profiles (stored locally)
- Adopted Apple's WebKit version 527 (instead of 523.15) and the latest Qt 4.5

Minor enhancements:
- With the latest WebKit Acid3 JavaScript performance test reached 97 out of 100
- Quit with Full Cleanup command from Tools menu now exits immediately
- When Click the Clear Address Bar button - Address Bar History is pulled down automatically
- When new Tab is created (Ctrl+T) - cursor is positioned to Address Bar and current text is selected automatically
- Refresh button moved after Address Bar and made multi-functional (switching to GO - like in IE7)
- Increased the height of Address Bar History window (used in address completer)
- Bookmarks on Bookmarks Bar can be moveable within the bar with Drag and Drop
- Added context menu for Bookmarks Bar (to be able delete or open the bookmark)
- Default User Interface re-designed a bit:
      - Bookmarks Bar docked to the right and visible by default
      - Status Bar is visible by default
      - Second emtpy tab is opened by default
      - Default bookmarks are changed, more info about other alternate browsers is offered
- Added Restore last Closed Tab command in History menu (Ctrl+Shift+C)

Bug fixes:
- Fixed blue artefacts near web site icon in the Address Bar
- When 2 or more tabs exist - after typing web site and [ENTER] - new address applied to all tabs
- URL displayed in the Address Bar not always matched the current tab content (if more than one tab)
- Eliminate page double loading that sometimes happened (doubling traffic and operation speed)
- Fixed [Go back] and and [Go forward] functions using side mouse buttons
- Fixed shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+T(show/hide Tab Bar) and Ctrl+F4 (close tab), being declared but failed to work

You can still download QtWeb previous version 1.2 here:    info