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QtWeb Update


QtWeb Internet Browser version 2.0

QtWeb installation package: QtWeb-setup.exe 

What's new in version 2.0 (build 037 released March 23, 2009):

- Customizable menus, hot keys, keyboard shortcuts, toolbar buttons and search providers
- Web Inspector: inspect HTML elements, loading time and size, profile resources usage, debug JavaScript
- Virtual Keyboard support: browse internet, fill web forms, perform searches with a mouse only
- Added Print Preview mode to check content pagination before actual printing
- More toolbar buttons can be added to the Navigation Bar
- Command Line scripting support: dump webpages to a file, including javascripted ones
- Separate Privacy top-level menu groups most of privacy commands, shortcuts being assigned
- Icons can be hidden, or Menu Bar can be hidden itself

Minor enhancements:
- Improved Downloads management: text labels replaced with icons, added Delete item command
- Added configuration option for mouseweel click default action
- Default action for New Tab command added to Preferences (Welcome page, Blank page, Home page):
- Applied the latest Qt 4.5.0 release, some Qt bugs being fixed manually
- Local help file is updated to reflect new features
- One-click bookmarks can be enabled/disabled in the Show All Bookmarks dialog
- When Navigation Bar is hidden - Alt+D, Ctrl+W - will unhide it automatically

Bug fixes:
- Relative path for portable version settings location has been replaced with absolute path
- Exception fixed on ASX or other media content thrown sometimes after MediaPlayer is launched
- AutoFill sometimes stored password not in the encrypted form
- Tab closing with a middle mouse button did not work
- After Stop command - Reload menu item was inactive
- For the one-click bookmarks, added warning if URL or title already exists

QtWeb previous version 1.7:    info

QtWeb version 1.5:    info

QtWeb version 1.2:    info