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Problem with gmail

Q: I've just downloaded QtWeb and find it quite nice. One problem, though.
I use gmail as my mail provider. When I go to the website to delete my spam messages, I get only a parttially usable display. Using Firefox, IE, etc., I get a box where I can select all spam messages, and then click on delete. With QtWeb, I don't get this box. This has happened with Opera in the past, too. Gmail indicates that I need to be using a "fully supported browser."
Is this issue being addressed?


A: QtWeb 1.2 uses AppleWebKit/523.15 supplied with Qt 4.3

Problem should be gone when Qt framework adopts the latest WebKit (presumably Qt version 4.5), or at least AppleWebKit/525.13 that has been used in Safari/Google Chrome...


A: Try QtWeb Portable Browser version 2.5.

It has Compatibility toolbar button, choose Safari or Chrome, it should set proper UserAgent and Gmail displays no warnings thereafter.

More info about compatibility modes is here: http://qtweb.net/pages/ibr9500.html


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