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Compatibility Modes

When any internet browser connects to a Web site, it tells the site which browser it is, using unique User Agent string. Some web sites will then provide content tailored for particular browsers. However, as browsers are in constant development, assumptions made by site designers may not always have the intended effect. If you experience problems with a site, or want to inspect the content web server sends for another type of browser, try changing your browser's User Agent  in the Advanced preferences, then reload the page.

QtWeb uses it's own unique User Agent string. However not  all web servers like browsers other than the most widely used (IE, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome). For example, when you try to log into Gmail using default QtWeb Internet Browser's settings, most likely you'll have a yellow warning at top: "For a better Gmail experience, use a fully supported browser", and not all the functionality will be enabled or working properly. Gmail only offers you "Basic HTML view", without advanced features. QtWeb is based on the same Apple's WebKit that Safari and Google Chrome use, and is fully compatible with these browsers, so if you enable Compatibility mode with Chrome or Safari, everything will be fine.

To set Compatibility mode with other browsers



If you specify "Custom" from the list of Compatibility modes, QtWeb will use the last UserAgent you typed in preferences.

If you specify "QtWeb" from the list of Compatibility modes, QtWeb will use its own unique UserAgent string.

If you disable UserAgent in Privacy menu, QtWeb uses an empty UserAgent, which will be treated by web server as a  Mozilla/5.0


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