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QtWeb version 1.7

QtWeb installation package: QtWeb-setup.exe 

What's new in version 1.7 (released Feb 07, 2009):

- Customizable toolbar, several new buttons available
- Passwords are encrypted when stored locally
- Customizable UserAgent
- One-click bookmarks
- Improved application stability and startup performance
- Added .NET Application Style on XP and used as default

Minor enhancements:
- With the latest WebKit and Qt Acid3 JavaScript and DOM test reached 100 out of 100
- Netscape plug-ins can be re-distributed with portable version in Plugins subfolder
- Application build displayed in About dialog
- New toolbar buttons, can be added or removed:
    - Switch on/off the proxy
    - Toggle images on/off
    - Restore Closed Tab
    - Show preferences
    - Home button
    - Reset QtWeb
- Status of "Private Browsing..." is saved, and restored with application next start
- The latest stable Qt+WebKit from snapshot Jan 27, 2009
- Added to the context menu - open link in the new tab
- Status bar is hidden by default (to match .NET style)
- Last setting from "Reset QtWeb..." dialog are saved for the next launch
- SunSpider JavaScript performance test is now passed and the second best after Chrome now among all browsers tested

Bug fixes:
- Fixed exception in Qt: qwindowsxpstyle::drawPrimitive() appeared on bigwords.com
- Icon 32x32 display fixed on some systems
- Moving Tabs with Drag&Drop fixed
- Http Proxy did not work when user/password is specified
- Right click on Address bar when address is removed - selected previous URL
- Context menu worked not everywhere on a web page, Edit/Copy added as well
- Proxy port was limited to 4 digits (can be 5 digits - up to 65535)
- Flash displayed not correctly when scrolling the page
- Passwords saving is turned off by default now, and passwords stored as encrypted
- Maximized window was not correctly restored, after window is closed and re-opened

Previous version QtWeb 1.5 info
You can still download QtWeb previous version 1.5 here:

QtWeb version 1.2:     info