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QtWeb Update


QtWeb Internet Browser version is 2.5

QtWeb installation package: QtWeb-setup.exe 

What's new in version 2.5 (build 075 released May 28, 2009):

- Compatibility option with other popular browsers
- External web page source viewer can be configured
- Master password to protect personal AutoFill information
- Pure single portable EXE: removed all dependencies to MSVCRT (msvcr90.dll, msvcp90.dll, manifest)
- Proxy exceptions can be specified

Minor enhancements:
- Support for Windows 2000 is added (build 045)
- Middle-clicking a window with only one tab on the tabbar empties it now instead of closing the browser (build 045)
- When clicking the Address Bar - full URL is highlighted (build 045)
- Ctrl+Enter in Address Bar wraps uncomplete url with "http://www." and ".com" (build 045)
- Images can be opened in a new Tab as well as in a new Window (build 075)
- Copy Address context menu item added to copy URL only without schemas (http://, mailto:, etc..) (build 075)
- Enable Web Inspector state is saved and restored when browser is launched the next time (build 075)
- Ability to delete Search Providers supplied by default (google, live, cuil, yahoo) (build 075)
- Non-default Search Provider can be launched when use its name as a prefix to search phrase (build 075)
- Ability to rename a bookmark on the Bookmarks Bar via context menu (build 075)
- Ability to create a new folder on the Bookmarks Bar via context menu (build 075)
- Examples of UserAgent added to Custom UserAgent combobox (build 075)
- Two shortcuts changed to accomodate German keyboard (build 075)
- Added sorting of Bookmarks (build 075)

Bug fixes:
- Fixed-width font for <PRE> tag not displayed properly, font change did not affect the display (build 039)
- CPU loading was too high on some websites, like www.google.com, which use JavaScript intensively (build 041)
- Problem with cookies on some websites, like Amazon.com - fixed (build 043)
- Cookies not always saved if removed in Cookies Dialog (build 045)
- Fixed Qt 4.5.0 implementation of random numbers generator to support browsing under Windows 2000 (build 045)
- Fixed Qt 4.5.0 QNetworkCookies implementation to support cookies for gmail, hotmail, reddit, etc.. (build 047)
- Fixed bookmarks import from HTML file containing local (non-english) characters (build 047)
- Fixed Qt 4.5.0 handling of unproperly formed MIMEType response headers, caused problems viewing sites like indystar.com (build 049)
- Fully rewritten Nokia's Qt 4.5.0 FontCacheQt, contained the only stubs and caused huge memory leaks rendering text areas (build 051)
- Fix: problem with cookies for iGoogle (build 053)
- Fixed: History auto-clean not always worked. Changed History cleaning method "Manually" to "One Week" (build 075)

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